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Waldorf Education

This is a whole new experience for me. Alhamdulillah for this opportunity lah ya Allah.

I knew this is just another course to expose us or to get us near to our soul, spirit... kerohanian, which I always had during my childhood days, such that Kem Motivasi, Kem Kerohanian 2-3 hari yang bila balik rumah, masih dengan perangai dulu haha (?)
Abaikan what happened that time tu, now I'm growing old, to have this once again is a ... 'miracle' experience. Something deep like you just went to a spirit world. haha. ok jangan gelak.
Because this course, the whole, I mean the environment, all including the foods are all turned or 'grasped' into spiritual world.
Don't laugh. feel it.

Is this surprising if I say this: A lot of questions that I thought before were answered throughout this course.

Happened to realise that many things is unfixed unstable if we unconscious about our soul, the well-being of our soul, not just physical body. We have to fix our soul, notice that 'they' also need to be fed and chill.

I myself, is/was a scientist who applies or relies to scientific studies through scientific method scientific facts this and that. Yet at the same time I am a Islam Believer, toughest one. Although the science can't explain yet to things that Muslim already knew but can't prove yet, I still hold on to it as possible as I could. I just hold it tightly.
But throughout this course, a lot of things that interrelated to each other between Islamic teaching and this anthroposophy.
I got no problem with that, but this course is very intensified, emphasised, get deep into the details about soul that ustaz/ah used to teach me but never I reached/felt that...
Maybe this is the time to realise and care about the 'other world'.
I really love the way they get us into this 'deep' regardless of our religions, because we all carry almost the same belief; soul and spirit.

So many things can be answered if we let ourselves trust the existence of soul and spirit are strong.
Now, when something went wrong, and if you don't know what it is, you know it is time to get soul and spirit back to its place.

What is Waldorf Education?
Anthroposopy - a formal educational, therapeutic, and creative system established by Rudolf Steiner, seeking to use mainly natural means to optimize physical and mental health and well-being.
(according to google search)

A new education requires a new knowledge of the whole human being in body, soul, and spirit. The change of teeth signals the end of the first stage of childhood. Soul and spirit descend into a body provided by inheritance, which is used as the model for the “second” human being. During the first stage the child is a sense organ that perceives moral influences. The influence of the teacher’s temperament.
(From the book - Roots of Education by Rudolf Steiner, written in Bern on April 13, 1924)

The first day of the class is to escape from the social chaos. Escaping what makes us feel unrest being with the society. It is to return the spirit back to its place.
The idea is to counter materialism in out time, and it needs a huge efforts.

Children cannot be understand as an adult.
Children born with spirit inside it.
Children can read your thoughts and feeling - moral qualities
Steiner believes we have been born from other world, and transferred to this world, the medium is called, Spirit (Roh). Roh perseorangan (Individuality) yang bersambung dengan badan fizikal (Physical Body).
The threefold human constitution - body, soul, and spirit.
"When something is divorced from context, it also tends to accentuate onesidedness and opens doors to materialism"

-Etheric Forces !

"... the thinking and worldview of natural science have taken hold of people more deeply and closer to the marrow than they like to think. Even those not specifically trained as scientists think, feel, and act scientifically. This is not acceptable for teachers, "

" child’s eyes, facial expressions and physical movements, and the child’s features become increasingly expressive. In the eyes and other features, the spirit manifests, working from within to the surface, and the soul—which permeates the entire body—manifest"

" first significant change in a child’s life occurs around the seventh year when the second teeth appear

Physical Aspects of Waldorf Education
- Leave your personality outside the classroom
- Treat child with the same respoect
- Honor individuality in a body
- Inner world that speaks when we were not respected, insulted, put down.

Children become aggressive means the spirit or soul is not well in the body. It doesn't fit right. Restlessness.

The shock experience of the children will push out the body.

The teachers task is to HARMONISE / Integrate he Individuality (roh) and body (jasad).

How you gonna do while yourselves are not perfect?
Celebrate the imperfectness!

The difference between Soul and Spirit

Spirit - Clarity, Individual understanding of the world. Individual interest. Individual striving.
Soul - Feel the World.

Ideas very much connected with I-self than Ego, it overcome aspects of the lower-self (ego).

Teachers' Temperament
- Choleric (Fire) - Quick tempered - Leader
Effect: Disrupt circulatory

- Melancholic (Earth)- Introvert, Inner people
Effect: Not warmth, full emotionally

- Sanguine (Wind)- Quick to receive, Outer impressions- Light -good organiser
Beware: Must lovingly hold the child in a certain period of time

- Phlegmatic (Water) - go with the flow, allow things to slide but not affected, fully comfortable with him/herself
Effect: Brain weakness

Teachers evolve temperament over years with students.

(More in : Discussion With Teachers - Rudolf Steiner)

Clear Speech promotes clear thought.
Modeled Speech -> Modeled Thinking
Through sense and movements.

3 Stages

Don't say "It's Wrong"
But change to "ALMOST" - "It is not wrong but you almost there..."

Connecting with children
Ask to stand up before something "about to" happen

Answer to Insomnia
Insomnia - Sleepless, inability to sleep.
Waktu malam, nak buat kerja jangan dengar lagu. Lagu adalah makanan untuk roh.
Bila dengar lama-lama roh makin penat nak hadam lagu tu, sebab tu kita mudah rasa letih dan rasa nak tidur walaupun hakikat jasad kita tidaklah penat sangat.
Dyslexia is Temporary. - watch Taare Zameer Par :D
Mistakes and Appraisal
Mistakes in spelling no need to correct all the time. It kills their enthusiasm.
Do not look for the their fault.
Don't praise when you should not..

Do not overdo it. Do not give too much
Scale down.
No Star rewards.
No Grading - Stay away ! - self-concerned and competition

Giving a child a perfect doll (e.g: Barbie) is not good for imagination for the child.
They will imitate the 'perfectness'.
Giving them an imperfect doll or undone, it is good to enhance their imagination.

Retrospective Exercise
Reviewing Life backwards (muhasabah diri).

Want vs. Will
Want - Doing what you pleasant
Will - Can apply a force to things that NEED to be done. They get up and do it. Don't like but someone need to be there.

People works against their will, passive working.
You have to contain yourselves.

Must finish do something, it build confidence in later life.
In adult "I never finish anything in my life"
So, Always finish something before start something new.
-Carry it through
-Help them do task they unwilling to do.

Understanding your expectation
Expectations: Classroom behaviour - No Shout, No Running
Do not argue with the children 6-7.
Character building:

"Birth is about Sleep and Forgetting"

"To feel the love of a parents feels like warmed up in a roll of blanket"

Through the books:
Which can be obtained online:

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