Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review: Temple Grandin

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Temple Grandin

Mary Temple Grandin is an American professor of animal science at Colorado State University with autism, world-renowned autism spokesperson and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior. -Wikipedia-

You should treat animal humanly.

We want good food in our stomach we should show respect to them. And being sensitive in animal welfare is respect to the nature.

There's a lesson in this movie for us as a society,
Yes, it is weird when somebody is being too enthusiastic too excited to tell us about a topic he/she interested in but not the society. Because we believe its too important for people to know. I believed myself was like that too, too much excitement to speak everything that I know about Nutrition to anybody.
Temple was so sad after the society gave that reaction:
"No one listens to me! And they keep giving each other looks and I don't know what they mean. They make me feel bad!"
This may be happen in autistic, but deep down in these normal people like us, we are actually very stressed, unable to open the discussion. And they ran away don't want to listen.

You know guys, you're not interested to some topics because you don't know what it means to you. Isn't the best thing is when you able to meet someone who knows about the topic and how it means to them. Why don't you ask the details? "Why do you think we need to know this?"  All questions has answers.

Meet new people, meet someone who have different background from you, that's how we as a society can keep on growing.

When she is stunning a cow/goat, she says:

"I became aware of how precious life was, and I thought about death and I felt close to God."
We used to hear this kind of sentence from muslims, but from non-muslims, this is something take off.

She really appreciate her blind friend came to pay a visit because only the blind girl understands what she's been through and feel what she's trying to accomplish.

"I know there are a lot of things I can't understand, but I still want my life to have meaning"

At the end of the movie, in an autism conference, She said:

"Self-stimulation is good (spinning, rocking, flapping floor, rolling etc) it calms the nervous system. It can be a way to compensate for being held."
An autistic need the sensation of being hugged.

Most of autistic people are very sensitive to sounds and colours Over stimulation hurts (when people shouts or talking too much at once causes them panic).
"I am lucky. Rules and manners worked in me. Everyone works hard to make sure that I was engaged (with the society). I mean, they knew I was different, BUT NOT LESS."

See? We should from the different ones from us :D

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