Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review: The Intern

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I would say the intern gives a life motivation by manipulating how a different generation responds to things around them.

Anne Hathaway represents the young generation like us.
While Mr Whittaker represents the old generation like our dads or moms. 

I'm not sure if it has anything to do with maturity between these two generations because it cannot be define by age.
This movie shows clearly the we speak, the way we handle our problems -> the way we think, different from the matured man like Mr Whittaker. There's nothing right or wrong in the movie yet how do we perceive things differently.

We might always think that we don't need older generation to teach us, 'cause we are more informed than them through information and technologies around us these days. But their life experience is valuable to learn in life.

I really like the last scene of the movie on how Jules (Anne Hathaway) handles her marriage problem. That brought me to not blame yourself for chasing your dream, for the guy who betrayed you. Most women would choose to stay for the sake of their children. It's really heart-wrenching when you are ready to let go someone and ready to handle everything on yourself. You know, you can keep on living and survive on your own 'cause you know you'e strong. 

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