Saturday, June 4, 2016

From Farm To Fork

We all want a healthy well-being, starts from healthy foods that we eat. But to have a 'healthy lifestyle' seems legit especially those who live in a dusty city. So everything that you consume or you buy everyday in your life is actually considered as... not as healthy as you think. Although they put the label on it.

Despite of wanting to have a healthy lifestyle, we as a consumer wants everything available readily in the market. Grab and Go. With no complaints we are actually willing to pay with our money and the salary we have every month with it. Yes of course right?

Thus, in order to fulfill the consumer needs, the production have to be fast, they have to be massive, yet, at the lowest price, to generate more income. Imagine how they're gonna do that?

Ya know what's in business minds? "Nothing is impossible" something liddat whatever that can increase their profit stats.

Scientist is the victim in here. All scientists (I assumed) have very pure heart to heal the world,
But these greedy business people would make you become their's slavery.
Throughout all the researches that have been done, we can actually choose which one makes the world a better place to stay, yet these greedy people would tend to choose which one can make money out of it. And when a scientist argue about it, another scientist paid by the company will make a stand on it.
That's how we are 'used'.
Plus, in academia field, you can only do research when it is approved by the government but according to their priority. Although the fact is, everything is important and related to each other.

What they have imagined had become a reality nowadays, it takes a minimum only two persons to raise 10 000 cows. Surprise not?
With science and technology nowadays, nothing seems impossible right?
Not only that, most consumed-foods were conquered by these damn capitalists. From A to Z, they control the price.
All these sciences and technologies are developed for the sake of economy, for the capitalist.
Which only make one 'person' to have the whole production and the profits, this is what is termed as, capitalise everything in one hand, thus named as capitalist. can we add one more word? Damn Capitalist.

So this what makes the poor become poorer, the rich become richer.

The unemployed people are many. I always imagined that they could always be employed.
I believed they become unemployed not because of their own fault. But the capitalist doesn't want to pay them for the sake of saving cost, saving the cost of staffs. That's why two people is enough to handle a ten thousands cows.

Imagine how they handle ten thousands, there are new machines, new technologies for the farm, the chickens sat in damp stress place, different kind of air ventilation, new invention of their foods... so many things that were changed to make the production more effective. That so they can produce thousands of products in a day. (Do watch "How Do They Do It")
Totally different than the natural way that our ancestors had, so how can we say that what we have today are healthy things?

I hardly believe in the world companies such as FDA, WHO etc.
Have you ever seen brutal videos on how people treat the cows chickens and else ?

Besides food, look at health and beauty products.
According to Dr Rushdan Noor, as a normal youngster, you only need facial cleanser (acne-free) and sunblock SPF15 should be enough.

At the end, the choice is yours.
What kind of lifestyle would you like to have for the rest of your life?
Healthy? How healthy?
It all depends on how you view HEALTH.
How important it is in your life. Is Health your wealth?
Only those who serious about this will make an effort on this.

Semoga berjaya dalam membuat pilihan terbaik,
dan apa-apa pun,
Sihat dan Sakit itu Allah yang beri. ya?