Monday, May 16, 2016

Abang Meor

Aku ni jarang kecoh personal life aku, tapi yang ni aku rasa kena kecoh punya.
Buat gegirls...

Meet Abang Meor, my brother-in-law.

He is an amazing guy, to the point that I want to marry someone who is more or less like his personality. I think you might like it too.
In my past, I may not have a clear cut to  what I was looking for in a relationship. And now, its huge.. I can see it...

So, Abang Meor?... Is some sort of the benchmark. Haha. So, there's no such thing as 'perfect guy' in my delusion, but this is the kind of dream guy I'm looking for, He's exist! And I found 3! But they are all married hha.
Don't know where else can find. Or maybe I don't have to find, but be the one! 😂
Yup. At the end, i have to be the one who i wanted to married with.


This can be seen through the way a guy approach and treat young children. Especially, if you have a 'special' sister.
Does he seem so awkward to treat kids to the point that kids no longer want to approach him? Nak pegang pun hujung2 celah jari je?

Kids and these 'special' kids kan... have a very pure heart. They can 'see' who has the pure heart. So, if you really have one, whenever they have problems or no problems, they always seek for your help or saje kacau you. They always call your name. They always want you to cherish them, have fun with them, make jokes and no matter how silly/lame your joke is, they still laugh out loud. And they really love to have you around. B'cause there's something in you that they never get bored with.

Kalau tak budak, see how he treats poor / weak / 'uneducated' people .


Abang Meor, everybody loves him. Especially the kids.
Even my father trusted him to the point that he can have a very deep secret conversation with Abg Meor which my father have never done that to anyone. (Except mama, but mama has a lot in her minds ady)

So when you see one, know that this is the kind of guy yang very suitable to be a father for your future children and your family.

To me, honesty is the best policy to keep a relationship alive and last long. Not only last long, but someone who you can be open with, no hiding, everything speaks from the bottom of your heart with no barriers no fear of losing this relationship. Someone who you can dive deeper in an intelligent or funny conversation. Because, this is where you are completing each other. :)

Yes, he is really open with my family too. We all know his bad sides and good sides. He's willing to let us know. And I can talk to him about so many things. Even about boys.

One of the things you might surprise, he's being way too honest with our daddy before he request to marry my sister.
"Pak cik, saya ni dulu kaki perempuan, selalu keluar malam, duit saya habis berjoli je." Yup, that surprised him and daddy's agreed as he's willing to change.

And, he said he changed because he idiolize our dad. "Lelaki terbaik zaman ini", everyday every five times a day do prayer in masjid, never missed. His lifestyle really humble incomparable to datoks. Big house but calming no luxury, and clothes he wear, no one knows how much he made.

We, in siblings, always thought that, that is how a father supposed to be and ayah is doing what he supposed to do as a father. But Abg Meor said, it's really hard to find someone like our dad. A total amazing. Although every year we wish him on his birthday and father's

I always wonder why I never felt impressed whenever I see a really 'great' guy.
Who has good job or have plans for his future, ambitious, intelligent, nampak matured, segak, know what he's doing, jumpa orang bagus2 hebat2, 'debat' dengan aku pun pandai hha.. (Tapi poyo 😒)

I just don't know why the story never excites me. I'm sorry that you didn't gain my respect from that.

But there's something missing that doesn't fit my soul when he meets my family.
And now I know why.

Mujur tak terkinja-kinja kahwin muda ko.

"Your opinions never make you a better person, your behaviour does"

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