Monday, January 18, 2016

Taylor Swift

I still remember how Taylor Swift really affected my teenage life.

All her songs dragged me away to fairy tale world, on how we dreamed about our future,
living with our romantic love one.


yet, it was like... became a reality.

This is how TS songs affected my teenage life, in making decision...

Each of her songs are WIN in describing my feelings...
and the lyrics tell me what I should do, how should I face this situation..
So, I follow the 'instruction', because the songs understand me.
That is how it's affected my life.

I didn't know what she's telling me is a correct act or not. But it seems so right because the song understands me, my feelings.

"Love Story"
This is really a fairy tale. awayyyyyyyyy too high

was the song my older sister gave me when I entered a boarding school. ni touching. I kept repeating it the whole time I was there.

"Better than Revenge" song.
It raised up my adrenaline, my anger, emotion.
I thought I supposed to feel like that. So I did.

"Never Mind" song.
ergh, I thought I would really 'never mind' about the relationship, yet I keep repeating the song like I do mind actually. -_- . This song is nice, but it really blew me away. congrats TS -_-

"You Belong With Me" song.
Oh yeah, right after me and my family moved to a new house, I have a same-age-neighbor who lives just next door :3 lol

"Superman" song
The one that I kept repeating giving this to 'someone' because his appearance was described in the lyrics, "Tall, dark and..." he's really hardworking 'like a superman' . haha

"This Love" song
describes when I feel confused in the relationship. "Is this love is good or is bad?"

"Begin Again"
hahaha, when you feel like you want to start again after a fight. hha

dan banyak lagi -_-

Basically almost 90% lagu TS aku terhafal beserta melodinya.

Now I regret it.

Because I wasted my youth on this *********.


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