Sunday, July 5, 2015


Reading has never been my hobby
History, Politics and Economy has never be one of my favorite topics

But then, lately ni,
I interested to find out more about history of the places that I been to, the politics that shape the culture and mindset of the people.

Because of these in-depth of interests, all those knowledge I can get from books, internet surfing, which eventually trigger myself to read. To read, to know.
I read, not because reading is good nor it's a good hobby.
But because that's the only way to get many information.

Therefore, I never claim myself as a diligent person nor a person who loves to read books. 
No. I ain't that good. 

Ain't this is something we need to look up?

Let's take this case as an example.
Reading. (other example: activist, nature lover, blogger, etc.)

We are naturally think that setting a reading activity as a hobby is a very good thing.
Or being an activist is a good thing.
Being a nature lover is a good thing.
Being a blogger is a 'good thing'.

And we always want to do a good thing.

Then, we set ourselves to be a an activist, to be a nature lover, to be a blogger,
because its good.

However, you will end up doing these things just because it is a good thing to do,
not because you passionate about it.
The result or the outcome will not nice. 
It is not placed in your heart.
Then you will started to look for other things that your heart desire.

We need to re-judge ourselves again, what are the things that we really passionate about?
And start over again.

You have to do what you love to do, and you have tons of reasons of whys behind it.
When you find out how beneficial it is to people or to yourself, you will love what you're doing.
And you sincerely doing it because you love it.
How to know you really love what you're doing?
You will do whatever it takes to do it.
You will always do it without having to ensure or to force yourself to do it.

By starting from loving of what you're doing, you will never realize that you had actually read 3 books in a week, or you are actually a nature lover or a blogger. 

One damn good example,
You wanted to be a good person, atau alim (religious/pious).
Don't do things just because you wanted to be alim or a good person.
But do those things because it is for yourself, and you have reasons for it.

Ultimately, you do things because of ALLAH

You will find out Who you are. 


Last but not least, 
I think, never try to find out who you are, just do things whatever you love or worth of doing it.
You know it. You don't have to realize it and claim yourself as a good person just because you do good things.
But we have to realize the bad things that we did.

Even, you don't have to realize or claim yourself as a humble person just because its a good thing,
You just have to... 
Just do all good things lah without having to say "I am a humble person"

Please get what I mean >.<


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