Sunday, July 5, 2015


Throughout your academic years, you will find out professionalism is 'very important'.

In interviews, in lecture classes, in lab, in everywhere related to your future life when you're meeting professionals,
you will find out that getting that look of a professional is important for your career. It's a life.


As for me?
Being a professional is not important, but the important thing is being matured.

I have friends who always think that being professional is very important.
"I don't want to be a housewife, I want to be a professional, I want to be a professor, or CEO of a company..." bla bla bla...
But when it comes in meeting people who are un-professional, they tend to look down upon them.
They think that these unprofessional people don't have any pro skills, are not matured, no planning of life or lack of life management.

It is hard for them to accept people who don't have plans.
They would say those homeless or poor people who are unfortunate become like that because the poor people don't want to put any effort, they lazy.

Professionals also tend to put too much expectations when they see people.
Because of the confidence that they have, they confident enough with what they see and what they believe.

Why I say no to professionalism, but be matured?
Because when there is awkward moment, they will not settle it down or try to relax the 'unprofessional's, just smile/smirk and flashing eyes.. kelip kelip kelip
and the awkward moment keep moving on... at the end, you feel the relationship is awkward and hoping not to see the same person again in the future.

that. is. so. lame. and unprofessional act.

You can't expect a student to have complete ethics, you are a teacher, you, teach.

I'm not ordering teachers/lecturers, but this is your responsibility isn't?

Bagi aku, term 'professional' itu hanya pada luaran, just an appearance.

Menjadi matang (matured) makes you to become a versatile person, universal.
You can speak with anyone, and anyone feels comfortable talking to you.
You don't judge.


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