Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Soya better than meat ?

According to my lecturer in Food Commodities module,
He says that,
Soy bean is the best protein better than meat.
1 kg of Soy beans = 1 kg of high quality meat.
That's why United States of America produce lots of lots of Soya to all parts of the world.
And made them the biggest Soya producer.
ADM is the biggest unknown company that produces 'quality' crops products across the countries Look at their factoriesssssss [Sat gi letak gambak lecture notes tu na..]

He shows us a chart showing that the consumption of soy beans drop... poop.
and keeps telling us to consume soy bean products from Unilever or whatsoever that use soy beans.
Eventually, soy has been in all food products, your bread, chocolate, even meat products!

However, something keeps me wondering. Is it true Soya is better than meat?
uhh... You, Me, Everyone loves meat better than vegetables or beans.

Ever heard about an article (maybe?) suggests that,
What makes America produces so much of Soya is because Soy is actually can make you live up with cancer.
So, there's a conspiracy~~ behind this? Is it?
They really wanted to CONTROL the whole world population?

Well, I opened up a book titled Food Biochemistry & Nutritional Value,
chapter: Evaluation of Food Protein Quality.

In short, Biological Value (BV) determines the quality of the protein by determining the concentration of the limiting alpha-amino acid and do not provide any information on the other essential amino acids. The BV of a protein is the fraction of its nitrogen that is utilised by our body.
If BV = 1.0, means 100 % retained nitrogen.

Now, let's see the charts here;

It is commonly known that Egg is the best protein of all and has 1.0 BV.
Whereas Meat's BV is 0.75. No soya in this table.
So, I go online search for the BV for Soya beans and its turn out that,...
[http://www.food-info.net/uk/protein/bv.htm ]

Soya Bean has the less protein quality than Meat.

So, why we have to eat so much protein Sire?
Is it only for business purpose?

Weh. Ni baru research secara kecil-kecilan. Bukan tunjuk pandai.
Makanya, kalau ada salah, pembetulan, mohon alignkan ilmu-ilmu ini bersama.

Terima kasih banyak2.

critical thinking tak nih? hehehe

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