Saturday, October 11, 2014

Nak jadi wanita solehah

Masa sekolah menengah aku mula terdedah dengan ciri--ciri 
budak muslimah, wanita soleHAH. hhe

Masa tu rasa: ok. Aku kena jadi baik dah ni. aku dah besar dah ni. tak boleh perangai lelaki-lelaki dah. tak boleh letak kaki atas meja dah. tak boleh kasar-kasar dah dengan orang. tak boleh selamba batak batak badak dah.
lepas kena sound "Kau ni Hajar, elok-elok la sikit perangai, kang tak kawen nyesal lak" "camne nak kawen kalau camni" sebab perangai aku teruk sangat, mula aku timbulkan persoalan (bukanlah sebab tak dapat kawen, tapi sebab apa masalah korang nih? hahaha) ;

ok, camne nak jadi muslimah sebenarnye nih?
Aku observe orang,
aku tengok orang yang paling satu sekolah tabik sebagai seorang muslimah sejati wanita solehah gitu.
apa2 berkaitan agama baca doa imamah ke mende dia je paling terbaik layak lead kami. (which is good sebab based on her reading, not appearance.)

Aku observe.
Bukan dia je, ada beberapa yang lain, yang ramai orang tabik. ramai gile.
bukan setakat ramai like, tapi ramai komen positif menandakan Ha! inilah dia wanita solehah muslimah sejati! ho! aku da jumpe! sebab ramai kata dialah antara wanita solehah tu, kan?

o... camni a ek muslimah sejati?

Selain pesbuk, aku tengok juga realiti hidupnya.
Hmm... camni ke orang kata "Muslimah sejati"?

Aku pening dowh.
Tak tahu ini suudzhon ke husnuzhon ke mende,
tapi apehal cam... gedik?

Aku tak puas hati, camni ke Muslimah yang it supposed to be?

Aku tak kata aku dah cukup solehahhhhhh untuk ngate orang,
tapi aku gile pikior la apa definisi Muslimah Sejati atau Wanita Solehah tu pada masyarakat kita?

Sebaik perhiasan dunia memang wanita solehah, tapi apa yang dimaknakan 'Perhiasan' itu,
macam hias hias rumah untuk mencantikkan pemandangan agar sedap mata memandang oleh orang lain ?
Tanya aku; indahkan tengok wanita solehah? indah memang indah dengan sopan santunnya bagai memang tak dinafikan tampak indah

Alah, sekarang trend bukan tudung labuh je, warna sekarang pun dah kena block kot.. (colour blocking :p), siap bunga atas kepala tu yang tak tahan tu.
Tak kesah pun macam mana pakaian tu yang penting tutup aurat kan... 

... ...

lepas tu citer makna 'Aurat' pulak.. menutup perhiasan.
ha. pusing pusing pusing

Aku tak pernah rasa solehah untuk cakap semua ni malah 
aku tak tahu mana level aku ni.

Yang aku tahu yang aku rasa definisi 'solehah' tu tah kemana sekarang ni.
Yang penting ikut apa yang sepatutnya lah Solehah itu mengikut Islam, 
bukan ikut orang lain, bukan ikut dia, ikut dia tu, mahupun ikut aku. kahkahkah

Orang Islam tak betul, jangan ikut,
Tapi ikut Islam, baru betul.

konpiusnisme solehah

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Soya better than meat ?

According to my lecturer in Food Commodities module,
He says that,
Soy bean is the best protein better than meat.
1 kg of Soy beans = 1 kg of high quality meat.
That's why United States of America produce lots of lots of Soya to all parts of the world.
And made them the biggest Soya producer.
ADM is the biggest unknown company that produces 'quality' crops products across the countries Look at their factoriesssssss [Sat gi letak gambak lecture notes tu na..]

He shows us a chart showing that the consumption of soy beans drop... poop.
and keeps telling us to consume soy bean products from Unilever or whatsoever that use soy beans.
Eventually, soy has been in all food products, your bread, chocolate, even meat products!

However, something keeps me wondering. Is it true Soya is better than meat?
uhh... You, Me, Everyone loves meat better than vegetables or beans.

Ever heard about an article (maybe?) suggests that,
What makes America produces so much of Soya is because Soy is actually can make you live up with cancer.
So, there's a conspiracy~~ behind this? Is it?
They really wanted to CONTROL the whole world population?

Well, I opened up a book titled Food Biochemistry & Nutritional Value,
chapter: Evaluation of Food Protein Quality.

In short, Biological Value (BV) determines the quality of the protein by determining the concentration of the limiting alpha-amino acid and do not provide any information on the other essential amino acids. The BV of a protein is the fraction of its nitrogen that is utilised by our body.
If BV = 1.0, means 100 % retained nitrogen.

Now, let's see the charts here;

It is commonly known that Egg is the best protein of all and has 1.0 BV.
Whereas Meat's BV is 0.75. No soya in this table.
So, I go online search for the BV for Soya beans and its turn out that,...
[ ]

Soya Bean has the less protein quality than Meat.

So, why we have to eat so much protein Sire?
Is it only for business purpose?

Weh. Ni baru research secara kecil-kecilan. Bukan tunjuk pandai.
Makanya, kalau ada salah, pembetulan, mohon alignkan ilmu-ilmu ini bersama.

Terima kasih banyak2.

critical thinking tak nih? hehehe

Your Ramadhan gives no health benefits

His words make my bloods run stale .

How do I feel?
I wanted to raise up my hand and ask directly, "but Sir, how was the research or experiment been conducted while you were in Malaysia that time?"

But I didn't . why?
Because, when it comes to this sensitive issue, it is either one that looks like to be the winner or loser! me or him.
I do not want him to lose on me because I have a full respect as he is my lecturer, my teacher throughout this one year !
And yes, neither I do not one to lose on him, as I am holding perfectly tight to this pure religion and the only one might gives a bad views to the most non-muslim students in the class.

After he said that, I can't digest whatever he was saying throughout the lecture.

I waited until the end of the class,

I met him personally and asked that question.

hmm, I do not want to describe his physical health that looks like unhealthy to me,
But, I can feel his voice shaking a bit but still trying to be professional.
Whatever it is, he can only says that he just gone through the research papers and conclude that it is nothing. you just replace your meal from light to dark. that's all.

I thought this has been cleared since I saw lots of articles talking about how beneficial fasting is.
Even I saw a book that suggests us to fast at least 10 days per year.
I don't know if I want to prove to him this by making this moment as a future challenge for me.
the books had been published for years, and I have lots of research I wanted to do instead of making the same thing again.

But the thing here is, I don't care whatever your opinion is, be aware of your words and do not ever say or finger-pointing to people "What you guys doing is totally absurd! useless!".
Fasting may has been looked like a tradition for years since thousand years ago, but do not ever say such things like we do not know what we were doing.

I believed in my religion has said that everything under the commands of Allah were never a nothing, or useless.

And to all muslims, Don't eat tooooo much when you break your fast ! ;D (Gentle reminder weh) hhe

Great Nutritionist gives Good Nutritious advice properly, with respect and berakhhhhlak.