Saturday, April 5, 2014

Brave Stone

Bismillahi Arrahman Arrahim.

I have thoughts. I know what should I do and should not do.
But I don't know how to express it. How to implement it when the time has come.
At the end, you know the world see us in a way that different than who we are.

I just realized, I'm lacking of courage to say things what I supposed to say.
I could not speak it out.

I know why.
Because I'm trying to behave myself. Sabar, Patience.
Because I am afraid if I hurt anybody. Especially their hearts. Words are more powerful than a sword ya know.
So, when I'm trying to put Mr.Sabr in my heart during the situation was happening, deep down behind my blur face, I was struggling. I don't know what to say. No good words pop out in my mind. I was BLANK.
Ya, I'm being too careful picking words to utter.

I thought this is good enough, but I knew there is something better that I have not discovered. What is that?
Yes, you have patience, you have minds, but you cannot let it go away pass you by, just like that.
It is not that you are trying to ignore the case, the situation that you don't want it happen, but because it happened, we have to settle it down together with your patience along.
Sometimes, just because I don't have the courage, I just let people think bad about me. I don't care what they think of me because I cannot control their minds. But, is that OK enough to face the future? I realized I have to do something better, it is not about what people think of me, it is about the efforts to let people understand me. And let Allah do the rest.

BRAVE. to speak the words what we should speak it out.
Be HONEST, let the person know what is going on in you.
I never felt people want to smash me down to earth kiss their foots. I just trying to have a good thought of the people. husnudzhon.
It's easy for me, if the person says OK, then OK lah. nothing to worry about. settled. ya? cause you said so.
I think most people probably become like this too right? (Except for the couples and the besties. :)

So, this is two sides interactions where we can be in both situations. Well then, of course, before people leave, you wanted them to know something, you wanted them have a clear thought about you. You actually do not want them to have a bad thought of you.

So, WE HAVE TO SPEAK IT OUT. +, Manner does matter.

Open. I'm trying to be open. That, anything could happen, anything is possible, we just need to have the courage.

Sample Case : Jah, you should not do this. You should not do that. Because bla bla bla...

What should I do? Let them finish first.
Breathe in, take your time, don't rush.
starts with Bismillah, "I'm so sorry...." and "Thank you for your bravery letting me know this..." (Throw away your ego.)
"Please allow me to explain, (name).... (be honest with what you feel regarding the matter, same feeling too? different? just say so)..."
Smile. :)

So, because of the words are more powerful, we have to 'utilize' it WISEly.

Kheir insyaAllah. I will not let it go away again.


Eh, aku adalah batu yang gagah berani !

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