Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why Nutrition?

Bismillahi Arrahman Arrahim
in the name of God, the supremely merciful, the most kind

Ya, saya akui profesion seorang pakar pemakanan kurang profesionalnya mungkin berada paras bawah dari pangkat seorang doktor yang gah mahupun seorang farmasis yang masyhur. :]
Dan saya juga akui siapa-siapa yang berprofesion seorang doktor atau farmasis juga jauh lebih hebat, atas dasar-dasar syarat sebagai seorang doktor/farmasis yang tak mampu dicapai oleh seluruh rakyat satu msia.
By the word of Nutrition itself, generally means the quality content inside a food we consume. Atau dalam bahasa melayu, Pemakanan. Mengapa saya gemar untuk menyelami bidang pemakanan?

Ini adalah buku yang trigger saya untuk terjun ke dalam kancah makanan yang sihat.
Saya nak jadi NUTRITIONIST!

"Kenapa tak nak jadi doctor terus?! Achieve the highest kata orang..."

Dikatakan oleh saudara Jerry D. Gray bahawasanya;

"How about Pharmacy?"



Maaf, saya bukan hendak membidas para doktor mahupun farmasis termasuk bakal doktor juga bakal farmasis. Jangan terasa. Ini hanyalah buku-buku hasil cari gali saya yang akhirnya Allah takdirkan saya untuk sambung belajar Pemakanan. May this is the right pathway towards Him as well.
Teruskan bidang yang anda suka, dan kamu bisa menjadikan diri luar daripada biasa-biasa. Menjadi doktor Islam yang bukan hanya sekadar doktor, dan menjadi farmasis yang bukan sekadar farmasis muslim.

However, I admit that there may be some suspicious in my course study scope where I may not found the truth because I am learning from 'their' books. I am choosing this course to proof to the world and to the West Nutrition Scientist that Rasulullah SAW 's diet is the best way to apply in our daily life, this is for my third year study. With the sunnah foods as we all know, Dates (Kurma), Honey (Madu), Dried fruits (e.g; kismis) and many more... and I want to do a research how to consume all of it in the right way, from the morning dusk to sleepy moonlight.
[Wah, sedap ayat akhir, entah betul entah tidak, saya izinkan sebarang pembetulan]

Plus, there are thousands of questions regarding the food confusion. Nutrition is full of myths.
Which to consume, what should avoid, how to get perfect diet, when to eat this and that.

Example; follow this site -> Authority Nutrition , and they have their own FB page. [You will see that bold guy :p]


And yes, curiosity overwhelmed in my mind. About the effect of the fly's wing in our drink, eating both seafood and meat together, should we eat fruit first or last, combining fruits and milk, nutrition differences between slaughtered animal and killing animal by gun... and many many many more.
With the title I got that one true day insyaAllah, I will try to prove that best one is Islam's teachings.
and improving our health without having to swallow that modern pills.


That is why I am entering a university that is highly recognize. So that, people will 'recognize' look at you and will hear what you're going to say. That is, PEOPLE. Normal.
University is the place where you can be anything and be extraordinary. You are not regulated by system. Can have a debate.

[I would be having a peace mind during my study if there's someone outside there would like to sponsor my study :3 ]


How about Job Opportunity?
A nutritionist does not only living in hospital, unlike a dietician, we're also can contribute in food industry and making policies as well. Observe the masterchef's dishes either healthy or disgusting, and conduct people to healthy eating habit. and, Kitchen!
I am not really looking forward on money or having a nice job where you can sit around place your foot on the desk, or if I destined to be in the kitchen only I would strive to be the best chef one.

The first thought before I sign for this course, is to take a good care of my beloved parents. As they getting older, the diet change, and I want to keep my eye on them! ;D hha.

In addition, .... .... .... this may not be important. But I thought of this as well. hha
If my future husband did not allow me to have a good job outside there, I still can apply what I have learned from my study to my own kitchen. So, the kitchen must be bigger than living room ya? hha
Besides, I can work on books or blog, I like writing stuff that I know. IF my husband did not allow me to work outside.
It is just the best if I managed to do all these, make my dreams come true during my young days before turning to 30s.


So, that's it. This is one of my Jihads. My aim.
Just a simple elaboration but to make it an action... .... May Allah leads me.

"If who you are is what you eat, and you don't know what you are eating, you don't know who you are"

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