Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tabur Hill

in the name of God, the supremely merciful, the most kind


Is one of my most favourite activities. Action and adventure, challenges, and experience the difference! Get out from comfort zone. woosh woosh
+, one of the healthy sunnah. May we obtain rewards at the same time.

Did you heard the news regarding Bukit Tabur tragedies happened lately?
In a month I guess, in average of 3-5 people died due to the geography of Tabur Hill.

As one of the survivors of Bukit Tabur, to be honest, the geography is highly dangerous. If One footstep wrong, One two three - die. This challenge demands for balancing of your body, not only your strength nor your muscle.

Attached herewith is the pictures taken during the activity :] Alhamdulillah

Starting, purple petal, First stage;

Second stage; checkpoint 5 and afterwards..
 I present to you.. the lake! unknown lake. or Tabur Lake. or Tabourleh

This is the dangerous part. Checkpoint number 10.
 I ate some bread while waiting for my friend before heading to number 11.
Please, anywhere you go DO NOT LITTER. This picture is taken for 'educational' purpose only. thank you. :D
Every time my family and I travel to Taman Melawati, I saw this ulat-kind of bukit, and I started to imagine the Ultraman from NTV7 'I feel good' is attacking this hill that might change to a huge worm. Now, I stepped on the 'ulat'. I just realized I am the UltraLady.
Did you see the layer? :O

Surprised that half of my life I was breathing bad air supply.

here is the image taken from mr.google; this is the dangerous checkpoint 10 I was talking about.
[Credit to: seemingphoto.com]
[Credit to: bukittabur.blogspot.com]
Siap ada blog sendiri lagi ha kau. hha

And now, the government strictly only allow hikers with permit.
Well, during my visit at the beginning stage, an American family (maybe originally from anywhere in emirates) they bring their children along with them. But they don't walk at the same trail with us since it's too long and dangerous, so they made a u-turn. phewh.

Last thing to say, me and my girls 'found' the roar of a tiger. Quite scary since I was the last person at the back in our line. Even though Roar song was playing in the back of my mind during that time, we still surprised by the monkeys running away for their lives. I'm just thinking of climbing the tree and be Katy Perry. hha

Luckily, my mom just started to worry since the news becomes viral. Not during the hiking.
"You will never going back there again!" hhi. Sure I will not mama. :]

mm, bukan nak bajet poyo, tapi, If I really found the tiger, I imagined how nice it would be like this;
(Better than cats :p )

safe . Alhamdulillah.

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