Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Be Yourself [?]

So, how far do you know about the quote
Lets ask YOURSELF, how much do you know about YOURSELF?

I dont really say that, hey! that quote is noooooooo goooooood at all... >:O .
nope. Just in certain time and place you should use that :D
ok. now , probably you are asking........

Allow me telling you something. 

I have a friend, she is really into the "JUST BE YOURSELF" quote. ya know how her life? proud of being herself. love the way she are..her life.... her style.. even though she knew it was forbidden in Islam. so, one day i told her to close her aurah and stop seeking for boyfriend cause its so not you la kawan.. :( ha? ya know, girls who showing their body seems desperdos.. :/ but, nowadays they just showing them even though they have "in relationship with" status. and then, its gone. then it comes back! then it gone =..= she thinks this life is BISKUT? 

okay, back to my friend :] . what happen after that? we have a FIGHT! :O but not so bad like the "Girls Fight" movie in DIVA channel. ==' She just, cant accept what im saying. :/ she just said, "i know who i am" . and then she posted to fesbuk status spill out her emotions like others... zzz  JUST BE YOURSELF!

Nowadays, WE THINK WE ARE BETTER THAN ISLAM'S RULE. we think we're smarter.... :/ seriously. we more on to our feeling, our own thoughts, our emotionss... and stick with that 'white dog' quote.

OtherWISE, this JUST BE YOURSELF quote can motivate us if we're in oversea~ :33 or for some in terrible place. :/ 

Timeline :

1. People are talking bad about you. Hope you to change your attitude, style, critics critics critics...

2. Dont get too smug with the quote yet. what people says , some of them might be GOOD to upgrade yourself. OR, bring you DOWN, Away from Allah s.w.t. "when you get confuse, seek HIM for Hidayah, and open the Al-quran and Hadith" . CHECK, do you did something wrong according to alquran and hadith?

3. YES, then ask them how to change :]

 if NO, then JUST BE YOURSELF as what MUSLIM must to be <3 

Then, you can say it !!!!!!!!!!!

JUST BE YOURSELF is not all the time quote :]

JAH is practicing her OME! [Oh My English!]