Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Simply Perfect Cheesecake.....seriously simply simple.

Simply simply, ni pun simply2 je curi gambo kat gugel.. haha.
Maaf. tiada kamera persendirian berhad.

This is for Anis Suhaili and of course for others too~ shared.
 i pick Anis Suhaili name to be mentioned because....................... she promised me to come to my daddy house, but she did not! School break at the end already! lagi 6 hari nak masuk tahun depan. (2013). busy ma carik baju skola. [gua da kolej pn cari baju skola tahu] hah.. ini kak jah. maapler.
k. dah.

Untuk top layer sedap tu senang je,

2 paket Cream Cheese
1 Telur ayam
Agak Setengah Tin Susu Pekat.

tadaa~~ tu je. kbai..
ha? ape? yang basement tu?basement tu... tumbuk kasar guna lesung batu orang melayu..
tumbuk ... biskut.
dan letak buttercup pilihan yang sungguh enak yang telah dicairkan....

buat basement dulu baru boleh buat top layer tu. 
same lah macam degree, macam mana kau nak buat degree tanpa foundation? hha

temperature 180 Degree, about 25-30 mins. 


do not saying that
Simple like Pimple
Pimple is  miserabley hard

Friday, November 30, 2012


Baik Jahat. Pandai Bodoh. Aktif Pasif. 

Jangan terlalu baik, jangan terlalu jahat.
Jangan terlalu nak pandai, jangan terlalu bodoh pulak.
Jangan terlalu taksub/cinta, jangan terlalu benci.
Jangan asek baca buku, jangan facebook selalu.

"Sorry lah, aku ni kann manusia biasa je.. tak perfect" {-- sambil lewa
"no body expect you to be perfect, but better"
Tiada manusia yang perfect melainkan Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Maka, untuk zaman kita sekarang, STOP cakap PERFECT.

Balance kan diri.




Tukar environment kita! tuka orang2 di sekeliling kita [Jangan asek dgn orang melayu je] tukar tukar tukar...

cuma, berani ke tak kita nak berubah?

Jangan sampai mati kita tak sempat nak berhijrah .. 

"Dan Allah telah menumbuhkan kamu (hidup dari benda-benda yang berasal) dari bumi, dengan pertumbuhan yang sungguh-sungguh sempurna, 
"Kemudian Ia mengembalikan kamu ke dalam bumi (sesudah mati), dan mengeluarkan kamu daripadanya (sesudah dihidupkan semula untuk dihitung amal kamu dan diberi balasan), dengan pengeluaran yang sesungguh-sungguhnya? 
"Dan Allah telah menjadikan bumi bagi kamu sebagai hamparan,
"Supaya kamu melalui jalan-jalan yang luas padanya". 

(Surah Nuh)

Pergi ke tempat lain, 2/3 hari..
berjalanlah... lihatlah keadaan sekeliling kita.. pemikiran mereka... berbeza-beza...

Tukar tempat belajar. tukar environment.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Despicable OLD me

Assalamualaikum i wish to all readers.

Today, Now, as i mentioned above, i am going to reveal my dark side.
This dark sides, was happened a very long time ago. Dark side, or some of you might interpret this word to 'Aib'.
Well, since majority do not know the real Kak Jah is, my intention is to reveal these dark sides for you to not copy the old 'ME', the behaviour or thoughts (the way im thinking). i mean, do same things i was before. and for those who know me, please do not mention about my past, its ... past already k. I am not living there any more  take this as a lesson, for you to not have regret. and be grateful .... .... just ignore this. =..=

my recommendation, if you had ever ask yourself  'How to be a success person?' or 'How to be better?', and you wanted to gain some knowledge from somebody,
ask The person who has failed the test and get up.

not to mention anybody but, do not ask somebody who has never taste any failure or foolishness.
because what can they say is simple thing. they think that everything is very simple to them. ting ting.

ok dah. straight to the title, My OLD mistakes are...

1. Fall in love to a guy + Make a guy fall in love with me.

a) dont be such stupid go eat eat their words... awww haha. for example of me! ok.. i fall in love with a guy, and so as he. he said "i like you because you are sooooo pious!".. and i was like ... amazed by that words. bangga2.. inflate. and i said yes to him :O then we plan to get married someday blablabla.. you see how pious + stupid i am? hahahahahah during my stupidity is happening, i keep asking him "do you think what are we doing this is RIGHT??" because i cant think! you know what, along the relationship is going on, i do feel the flower tahi ayam tu but ive never felt comfortable, i keep asking him questions and bother him a lot because he said its ok. so wat? ask je la banyak2 haha pfftt... after i realized my foolishness (takes about a month) finally we broke up. and i say 'you are stupid too' haha i can see that teenage girls nowadays easily jump to guy's boat :/ 

I think.. as long as we think this is ISLAMIC couple, so i thought we were safe. that is why it last about a month.sometimes, i do not feel comfortable because there is something wrong with this relationship. and a word shooting my mind, "Would Allah bless this?". yeah, i dont think so. because we can feel the sparkle of love even though we never met. yeah, i never met him, i just bump on him on Facebook -_-" cinta muka buku. puihh..

one interesting blog to share regarding about this situation :

After we broke up or .. can i say broken down? broken english nihh -.- ishh.. (continue) i put 100% faith and trust on Allah, if this guy is meant to be with me, then ill wait for what will happening next. i dont know oh Allah. You know everything, and i keep praying to get the best husband from You. (or better than that guy) no best husband in the world except Rasulullah SAW. :D

b) yes, i am accidentally make boys fall in love with me. i make them impress with what ive got. not by using my body or appearance. but, intelligence, words, and.. piousness?? you will see how low your intelligence is when you accept a boy with beautiful words je? . puih. a good guy, when you ask them, they want a girl wearing hijab properly, covered aurah, not following the trend whatsoever... and that time, i was feel like i am that girl! hey! *waving~ "You belong with me~ ohh~" haha rase baik gile kott aku nihh... like i deserve to be isteri mithali! puih! i hate my past! haha hey hey hey, Alhamdulillah i am invisible. you dont know how bad the real me before.. no one wants to expose their bad side :/ (not recommended to say)

c) another thing is wrong about loving people is, girls always dreaming of this ! :

we want something beautiful~~~~~~ blablabla we want couple because we expecting something wonderful behind it. doesnt it? how are you going to feel the wonderful of love without HIS bless? derr~
However girls, if this things had in to you, never regret. your timeline were like this because it was meant to be, and in positive side, there is some reasons behind this. you get stronger to not fall in love so easy or careful in simple word, and be patient for the RIGHT TIME Allah wants to give you the best man you ever dream. there will be in the right time. insyaAllah. dont blame the guy. he is just a character in that part of our lifetime. not more than that. so, hit this. haha :p

2. When doing the exam...

a) yes, i have that spirit! i study hard! smart! confidence. etc. im sure going to score this time! surely PAY OFF for my effort! but.. i failed :/ i was crying wondering wondering and wondering why... i dah usaha, dah doa dah! oh i missed one important thing, its TAWAKKAL. dont forget that bebeh.

b) and yes you got that spirit, and you want to do this hardly!! and you dont realize that you do the exam so hard! you make things hard! actually, you have to take it easy, relax.... tenang. then u can think.

c) DOA. ask for - relaxing mind and heart, good ideas, wide and wise thinking...

3. Set up Facebook account. (including MySpace

Ok. i think no one like this, Kak Jah ni tak abes2 masalah ngan pesbuk. ape lagi?!! haha what ever it is... facebook is disaster for me. i dont feel..... safe. facebook is like something you want to chase.. running for it... something yang buat kau gelabah kot. ntahlah. 

ada salah seorang ilmuwan islam a good scholars, very well known, but i dont remember his name, hehe. however, i remember his wise message, sounds like this "if i find that people raising me up, i will be mad at them!" siapa yang memuji muji aku, aku akan marah orang tersebut. hey, this is not the real message copy and paste, but this is what ive understand from the original message. sounds like he will scold the people who praising praising him like an enemy! well, i think this is good. because he doesnt want to be ripple (riak) -google translated-. 

and i dont want that too.(not recommending all muslimah to pose like this please) finally realized that, i m not comfortable and actually hate people seeing me... looking at me... or look directly how my face was?! haha. "MENATAP" gambar2 saya?  especially eyes from a guy? no way! not that easy cheapy girl. k. back to ripple, indeed, we cant figure out whether the person is rippling or not. BUT! i know i am rippling if i exposing myself! look at me! im wearing huge hijab, handsocks applied, love Allah, i always came out with wise words... i am good and i knew it. bodoh en. hahaha. no no no, this is too gigantic. 
nak tahu kita riak ke tak lebih lanjut: 

i mean, when you put something like photos in fesbuk without any intention of riak or whatever, your intention is just I WANT TO PUT THIS. and knew its visible by everybody. from that no any intention, its become habit you want to post expose yourself. then, setan datang post lagi post lagi, bagi orang tahu siapa kau... let you be famous! angkat dagu. remember, medan bercakap tak sama dengan medan beramal. what you DO is who you are, NOT what are TALK about yourself. 
that is why, i invisible myself, so that... when i wanted to give some advice to a people, or i post something anything or i do something rude or harsh to people in facebook coincidentally.. bad side or good side of me.. its not me! its KAK JAH! ahhahaha k. seriusly  big thing grew from tiny simple thing like...... LIKE (y) . 

when peoplessssss liking2 your status, you feel... great! kan? like, meaning that, people praise you! "you are right!" "you are very intelligent girl!" and all those good words that you makes u feel good~ you feel you want to do it more more more and more! dush! terrible! gelabah. itulah, jiwa remaja sekarang. exposing, expressing di tempat murahan / free,.. pesbuk. maapler tangan Kak Jah celupar.

eh, fesbuk kak jah, deleted. :D happy to say that, even the 'Tom' says "we hate to see you leave" =..= i commented, facebook doesnt give me any benefit. sorry. thank you for all memories. haha


I think these 4 thing is the worst about me to talk about. if i get any idea, i will update this. not update my fb status. wahahaha da tade. tenang weh tenang.. feel free macam nih

Happy Final Exam Sem 1 Nov 2012 semua orang. sekian.


"everybody got a dark side... do you love me? can you love mine! nobody pictures perfect~ (BUT, Practice makes perfect! till when are you going stay in that tiny imperfect box?)"

"You are not stupid, you are LEARNING"

FACEBOOK. its hard  to make it permanently deleted =='
cant stand when everyone is using it 
including my discussion group for education purpose of kos.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Encyclopedia about MYSELF

When people asking you :
"Please describe yourself"

hanya perhiasan semata-mata 

can you? its hard isn't in detail ?

No one knows better than themselves..

banyak bile aku tengok pesbuk orang ke.. blogger ke..
kan ade "About Me" , "Biography"
mesti mcm describe berbunyi : [CONTOH k]

-Saya seorang peramah. Add lah saya. Saya tak kesah.
tapi : dalam timeline pesbuk "aku benci kau! aku nak unfriend kau!" CONTOH~

-Saya seorang perempuan yang tabah! penyabar.
tapi: dalam wall pesbuk dia, "banyaknye assignment! T_____T arghh!"

-I am extraordinary girl.
tapi : tengok blog.. bese je ==' mcm orang2 lain

-I love cookies.
tapi : takde la pulak dia selalu makan cookies yg nampak sgt addicted to one thing only.

-Allah Tuhanku. Dia lah penenang hati ku.
tapi : this is my BF :3 his my everything :3333 sweet kan kan?

i mean, manusia berubah-ubah.
after we found a quote, someone who was inspiring, teguran kawan2 or family.. we change. but just a short period of time =.=
we must to change better and better.

well yeah, time kite tengah tulis About Me tu, itulah diri kita time tu je a..
tapi bila tiba masanya menghadapi perkara sebenar in realiti,
kau asek post sume masalah dalam pesbuk begitu acap kalinya lebih banyak berbanding kau FACE the problem
takde plak kau setabah dalam About Me.. :/

well actually, who knows better about ourselves? 
guess who?


cause they born us, they have seen us grown up, what we like to play with, what we like to do
i mean, if you talk about carrier or what course of degree you are suit with,your interest, parents know better.
but, if parents jenis paksa2 nak anak jadi Dr. or Ir. yang gah-gah tu len cer a..

bak kate ayah saya,
"nak kenal seseorang tu , duduk sebumbung sehari dua baru kau tahu perangai sebenar dia.."

malas bangun subuh ke, alim sebenar ke tak ke,.

Finally, here it is..
Dont terlalu stick to the 'unique' thing that you think you had created from you inner side, or you are born in that way ==' 

ohhh aku dihidupkan dengan coklat!!!! warrghhh aku suke gile coklat!!
aku suke gile spongebob!!!aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
padahal kan,
YOU CAN CONTROL YOURSELF. you can be moderate actually.
kite je saje suke lebih333 bia nampak ler addicted tu, nampak ler kite ni gile2... or so-call Extraordinary tu.

awak nak ke lelaki cintakan awak sebab, awak dengan dia punya minat yg same je.'suka spongebob' =='

siyes do aku memang suke gile spongebob sbb lawak budu dy hahahahahah
sampai DP pn letak muke spongebob lah
iyerr aku...
sampai jd camni hah

memang aku adore gile ngan spongebob.. dulu lah dulu...
pastu perasaan tu sekejap je pdhal. bhahaha
boleh je control senany =='

alah kome pn bole control gak senany..
takyah a "tak tak. aku memang suke gile spongebob hhehehehehe ehek" 

takyah nak cuba menTaksubkan diri.
hah! same lah cam K-POP tu.
jangan Taksub weh.
ade orang kate kan, yakjuj makjuj tu ade kluar bahagian korea au, ntah2 dorang2 tu a bendenye.. hhah
jgn taksub weh.. siyes melalaikan, muzik2nya.... Astaghfirullah al azim. minta dijauhkan lah ye.

ok. berbalik kepada jalan yang lurus,

but you know which is sin or reward, which is better or worst,
which doing something can get Allah's bless or not. :]
come on, especially 18s we know.

bukankah, ISLAM is the way of LIFE. follow, we already guided by Allah with Quran and Sunnah by Rasulullah SAW.

Perempuan yang kaya + liar Nampak macam strong, actually they are COWARD walhal they know they CAN change. 

jangan salahkan ibubapa tak ajar kau camtu,
biar dosa mereka dengan Allah tentang hal itu,
tapi bende2 baik dan buruk kau tahu sebenarnya,
kau hanya tambahkan lagi dosa mereka kepada Allah.
sayang seribu kali sayang andai kau boleh berubah,
pasti kau dapat bantu parents kau sekali berusaha menuju ke syurgaNya.

k'mon, lets CREATE our life in the way of ISLAM.
not finding who we are in this life.

Anda mampu mengubahnya.
Msia boleh. hahah


Friday, August 24, 2012

Sudah ke mana Tujuan/Sebab menutup aurat kita?


Kenape, walaupun seseorang wanita muslimah tu da tutup aurat, tapi bila dia ambik gambar mesti ade je tak kene.. mesti ade je orang komen "Comelnya..""cantiknya..""cute.""lawa".. Like mencecah 10 and above oleh lelaki2, dah sama statusnya dengan yg tak tutup aurat. maka, benarkah kita benarbenarbenar wanita yang ingin menjadi baik / tutup aurat?

Seringkali yang kita tahu,
"Tutup aurat tang mana je?" 
"Tutup aurat dari mana sampai mana je?"
"Tutup aurat tak aku ni?"

maksud saya, kita tahu tutup aurat itu,
tidak jarang
menutup dari sini ke situ

tapi, pernah terfikir tak, kenapa gegirl2 yang da tutup aurat ni 

  • masih ramai jejaka muslim TERTARIK, 
  • dengan bilangan 'LIKE' nya beribu2/beratus2 lebih kurang dengan gadis yang tak tutup aurat, 
  • serta mendapat taburan puji-pujian yang membawa kpd fitnah oleh lelaki?

baiklah, seterusnya, lihat gambar ini..

[CONTOH] wanita ini menutup aurat, attractive kan? Lawa gila kan wajahnya? kulit putih..
Just admit it, you see a lot of pictures like this.

namun, kita lupa TUJUAN kita menutup aurat :(
ataupun SEBAB kenapa aku tutup aurat.
banyakkk sebab kenapa Allah suruh kita tutup aurat. bukannya kita tak tahu

telah diterangkan oleh Allah S.W.T bahawa, 
ALLAH menyayangi kaum wanita dengan kewajipan menutup aurat kerana,
:melindungi wanita daripada lelaki2 liar {Kehormatan.] + elak daripada fitenah. BUKANNYA KITA TAK TAHU 

dan ISLAM tidak menggalakkan wanita islam dipertontonkan, ditayangkan untuk khalayak ghamei.. 
pastu? kau kene bakar TV kau? haha. bukan begitu caranya ya akhi :]

maksudnya, awak letak gmbar awak bukankah boleh dipertontonkan oleh umum termasuk lelaki jugek

clap clap clap

kalau awak dapat LIKE yang berlebih2 han oleh lelaki/wanita tu bukan kah da sama kita tak melindungi diri kita ? lagi2, comment2 berbaur pujian, bukankah lelaki itu tidak menghormati kamu? suke hati direct je bagi tahu.. tak malu beno. "comel la awak ni :3"
jangan nak tipu, mesti terselit di celah hati yang kita suka orang praise2 kita.. betulkan, bila banyak LIKE, rasa ternaik darjat tu... kan kan kan? saya pn pernah rasa camtu la.

walaupun saya letak gambar saya dah tutup aurat,
kenape, ade lelaki taip kat comment tu mesti ade ny puji2an

aku fikir, lelaki tu da TAK HORMAT kat aku. 
tapi, yang salah sebenarnya AKU DIRI SENDIRI. kerana letak gambar2 camtu. kita mesti nak salahkan laki laki laki kalau jadi maksiat.. 

muka ni muka.. suka ambik gambar dekat2 dengan lens kumera. en en en? 
kalau jauh pun, dengan member2 suka mimik muka comel2.. kan kan kan?

aku da rase la wei dipuji2 ni, liking2 banyak2.. bila org puji je, ecehh buat tak tahu.. walhal dalam hati suka nye kita dipuji2.. diangkat2..  rase bagussssss je en en en
Astaghfirullah al azim, kita tak sedar, 
kita takabbur, suka dipuji2.. :/
jadinya, kita riak, suka menunjuk2...
kadang kita ujub, "tengok aku tutup aurat, lagi baik drpd pompuan yang tak tutup aurat tuu.. hmm kene dapatkan LIKE lagi banyak nih" ==' puih! hha

aku da kate, bahaya pesbuk ni kalau tak gheti jaga diri sendiri.hha

conclusionnya... conclusion!?
takyah taip a ,, macam kome tak tahu..
sudah la setop la letak gmbar2 yang kau sendiri TAHU kau nampak attractive.putih,comel,kiut,alim,tutup aurat,..

dan sebenarny, bila wajah kita sudah jadi fitenah,ramai tergoda, maka wanita itu hendaklah memakai purdah. :] 

there is one girl said. WE CAN WEAR STYLISH HIJAB, as long as we cover our aurah.

i oppose her. mwahahahahha...
eh jangan a gado!! kita bincang... hahha

memang memang, Allah suka kepada kecantikan.. perempuan suka kepada kecantikan, laki pun suke pada kecantikan.
mmm pakai tudung labuh yang sangat simple plain pun buruk ke? :/

Allah suka pada kesederhanaan, Nabi pun sangat modest. banyak bende kite kene luaskan skop ISLAM yang sangat luas ni. bukan hanya pada satu bende "Allah suka kecantikan" je.


kite ni owang pompuan suke gado bende budu,
pakai tudung bawal lagi cantik daripada shawl laa
pakai tudung yang ni yang macam tu lagi tutup aurat la..
ape la...

sayangnya, kita semuaaaaaaaaa da tersimpang, we dressed to look cantik ke? 
its enough to said that "I hereby, dressing for the sake of Allah SWT" ching! :D

i say, buruk takpe, asalkan kemas.orang selesa ckp ngan kita.. tak cantik tak pe.. 
memang perempuan nak kelihatan cantik. tapi untuk siapa? 
pakailah pakaian TAQWA. [takut pada murka Allah]

tengok tak citer HOW DO I LOOK? dia kata, we dressed to look beautiful. so, be beautiful inside out.

weh weh weh, tak semua bende kite nak expose. lek ah masuk pesbuk pulak..
"saya dengan bayi :33" nak nunjuk hak bayi ke.. hak awak tu? ==" haha

gitu la gamaknya..

moga mesej tersampai.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tidur dalam Kelas. Why a?

I found conclusion : Why hostel student tend to sleep in the class??
Based on my observation and experience, it depends on the Distance between home/hostel to school. 
mase Hillcrest [skola harian ♥] aku tak penah tido. masuk Kusess manyak pulak tido nihh. masuk kolej plak alhamdulillah tak tido psl xde asrama. :/

mase kusess, hostel and school just near lah. our mind dah cop, "ok dekat, lambat sket pn takpe." kadang tu, da bgn awal gile pun pahal aku smpai skola pn rse tdo gak?time blaja la especially. tido dlm klass tu en, cam gelombang da ataupun aura.. aku tido awal drpd off-lamp tu ape 11.30mlm pn bole tdo gak dlm klass. btapa dahsatnye en smpai SPM jd tak stret A. ngahaha.. bangga je spm tak stret. takpe. :D 

mase hillcrest/kolej now, I know how far it is :/ mase HC lu bgn awl, jalannnnnn naik bukit... setiap incline step tu ade la beberapa kalori terbakar en.balik plak tggu bas U-10. oh U-1 Sharifah Nurul Farhana hahah
kolej skrg, uishhh lg jawoh. almost 2 hours journey, my mind knew it, then I set to wake up earlier, chase the 7.30am KTM, arrived 8.30am, then take a Rm1.00 bus, pastu 360M canopy walk. kelas 9.30 pagi 0-0. ahhahaa tak kurus tu dlm mse 2 mggu? hahaha xD

its better to not grab all the free accommodation given to us, just take one slight then the rest you work hard for it and behind it you never know the hidden, something that worth we fighting for till you face it and ENJOY it!
that is the life :D

Sekian, thankyou thankyou thankyou. Selamat Hari Raya.


IPTS: Institut Pengajian Terbaik Seh~ hha

Bersyukur ke hadrat ilahi, dengan limpah kurniaNya, aku ditempatkan olehNYA di Sunway College which is IPTS. now im doing MUFY. foundesen.

siyes this place change my life bro, to a better thinking. siyes..
pasai apa? pasai tak jumpe sume melayu.
bukan nk kate ooo melayu teruk. IPTA tak bagos psl major melayu...

errr... kau kenape? =='
aku bukan nak cakap ape a, i rela save money for my future education investment untuk anak2. cewahhh.. ntah betul ntah tidak ayat aku tu asal kome paham pn ok la..


[wei, aku type ni no offence o. siyes.. this is me thinking. :/ for those UITM students, just continue a.. :D we all have different way of thinking. no offense ] offence ke offense?

ramai tanye..
WHY YOU CHOOSE IPTS? Eventhough you've been offered to further at UiTM?

1. because i just had enough surrounded with all-malays environment.ya know, from kindy till high school :/  it doesnt mean malays make me stuck on my mind. but, dealing with new environment and challenges make my mind wider and broader. bigger. thats y Allah create many kinds of people. from different country, dont u think? :/ 
2. because i want CHALLENGE. aku tahu, kalau aku pilih UiTM aku mesti lg selamat, pasal kompem aku mesti dpt msuk U mane2 lepas PASUM tu. ade pulak dapat duit asasi en. ape org pggl tu... duit... setiap bulan dapat tu. loan ke? tu pinjam.. entah ape, tapi duit masuk setiap bulan ke camne entah. lagi2, sume melayu, kawan2 skola da ramai da kat situ, takde bende yg nk dikecut perutkan. lecturer pn mesti banyak membantu. aku tak nak take advantage a atas sume2 tu. aku ... ntah a.. sekarang ni aku lebih suka bende yang sukar, tapi aku tahu, at the end, aku dpt ape aku nak. insyaALLAH. walaupun permulaannya sukar, insyaALLAH ada benefit or hikmah di sebaliknya.

3. because i want a new friend! + accidentally my english improve sikit. siyes do... kite ni, atas kertas hebat a BI, dalam pesbuk pn kemain berbahasa inggeris, tapi pronounce tu mesti terkeluar jawa sket dan segan2. permulaan, memey aku tak konpiden nk speaking ngan omanese. tapi abg ipar aku slalu cakap, "Language is to DELIVER THE MESSAGE" buat pe ko nak takut. belasah je utk permulaan, asalkan orang tu paham ape yang kau nak cakap. and thats still call effective communication skill. teacher Helen aku cakap.
terimakasih a kat Big Maryam Suleiman [Oman], dia bestpren aku. and my BIO+Chemist classmate. paling rapat dia lah! 

sampai Little Maryam, [omanese] tanye "why malays hard to speak in english?" walhal ramai je BI A+ dlm espiyem. aku B do ==' aku jawab kite takut digelar 'gedik' . tp memey kan mase kecik rse badan tu jadi awwwwwww lembutt je bila speaking ngan org malayu hahahahha. da besar ni, when we back to bisnes, serius speaking pasal nak DELIVER THE MESSAGE, siyes takde gedik2 tuu...

4. tingkat IMAN. bile da challenge tu,lebih banyak kita pk dan doa kepada ALLAH s.w.t. :'D usaha, doa, tawakal.

lately ni aku tanye member aku masuk UiTM, aku bertanye psl lab report camne, research project ... dia kate. takde. takde???????????
siyes? dia kate, time DEGREE baru buat research tu. amboii.. aterr pre-U. name pun preparation before masuk University. i think, we should know how to do research. berkata dia lagi, pasal universiti tu baru lagi facilities.. bnyk tak cukup. ok then.

satu lagi perubahan yang aku rase... ohh teruk nye aku time kusess dulu. i mean, the way im thinking. we know all those theories hah baik buruk, but how we practice it in our REALITY daily life?? how we balance it?HOW? HOW? thats the way we think critically.

aku mengaku doe, aku ade intention or aim aku nak orang,junior suke kat aku. berpuas hati dengan aku bile aku masuk kusess nanti. suke setail aku, suke ke'UNIK'kan aku.macam kakak2 batch dulu. ade la certain2, yg jadi 'contoh'.. nak "aku suke kakak tu pasal sporting doe.." aha? MASYA'ALLAH. the thing is, WE ALL NOTHING. :/ 
kahkahkah.... siyes aku rase BODOH gile time dulu2 tuu... dan satu bende yg aku rase 50% aku dpt ialah ENJOY my hostel life than the education thingy. no wonder la espiyem aku tak straight. :D oh best. experience

but, ALHAMDULILLAH. i never regret after ive been through all of that kebodohan aku dulu2... :D 
cause thats what make me think the way i am NOW.
ya Alhamdulillah. i feel better. 

sekarang, aku tak kesah bdak kusess or ex-kusess nak mengate aku loser ke ape ke, theres no heart feeling da. aku rse siyes tak kesah. sebab sekarang, aku baru kenal ability aku yg sebenar. and they dont know. how hard, tough it is. and you have something that they dont.

dulu aku slalu post pasal persahabatan kawan aku. aku rase dy tak suke aku psl aku loser la kot. persahabatan tak rase la ape a.. nk get back together. yg stupid nye aku ni tak reti jadi moderate. kesederhanaan. memperhambakan diri semata2 nk dptkan balik persahabatan tu. yg penting sebenarny kan, kite lapangkan dada maaf kan dia dan meminta maaf. kau da minta maaf kat member dah. selebihnya serah pada Allah dan doa lembutkan hati dia. bukan bermaksud stop jadi loser. tak tak.. itu tak kesah. yg penting kita BERUBAH. make a change. to a better.. jgn takut "nampak macam loser". husnudzon

nasihat akak pada adik2... get out from the same place. change your shoes, or u going to be stinky in there. hahahahahahha xP
jk. jk. jk. 

siyes best gile experience sini. walaupun ade certain challenge we must go through with it no matter what, like me chasing KTM train everyday, dealing with bus driver... i realized, kita ni asek pk yg senaaaang je. kalau ade bende susah sket, ohhh tanak tanak. "aku lg sggp cat rumah drpd kutip daun dlm longkang tu.. ewww" contoh! contoh! 
jangan la marah! kita bincang!
yelah, just like what i typed tadi tu lah,.. haa.. ipta asasi msia kan ade bg duit, asrama ... bnyk accommodation.. but the environment still di takuk skola lame kita dulu la. major malay. and that is just normal for us. no hypertonic a.. :p
IPTS mcm sunway, taylor, inti pn ramai foreigner ma.. its the new environment for you. jgn kawan ngan malays je. please la.. you already got the opportunity.

oh ha,

lg satu,kita ni asik pk ape orang pk pasal kita. pakaian kita, cara cakap kita..?betul tak? sbb tu pesbuk letak muke lawa2 baru orang pk kite ni "oh cantik ghupenye". orang yg tak diingini pn suka kau gak.. gawat beb. tayang muka. even tutup aurat. :/  sedangkan kemuliaan di mata TUHAN ALLAH SWT tu lagi worth fighting for drpd nak dpt kan kepuasan hati manusia. yg penting en, aku tak susahkan kau dah a. moderate, Habluminallah, hablu minannas.

aku bawak beg besar, buku banyak, tudung pn aku labuhkan tak pin kiri kanan bukan pasal nak tunjuk "tgk aku. lagi labuh daripada kau. kahkahkah" padahal kalau pakai tudung loose labuh tak pin kiri kanan tu aku lagi selesa nk pakai bag. kalau pin kiri kanan aku rse sakit kene tekan ngan pin.
walaupun nmpk cam tak sesuai tudung labuh, baju belaus, pakai seluar. hah?
aku tutup aurat hape. kau kenape? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
dengan ini, banyak bende buat aku pk "pesal aku nak pk pasal orang?" so, alhamdulillah lately ni aku tak banyak pk pasal ape orang pk pasal aku.
ha camtu lah
aku tak sanggup weh, sanggup rasa tak selesa semata2 tak nak orang pk aku nampak NAIFF?. padhal kau lalu canopy walk banyak kali tgk muke org cina, india, foreigner bnyk kali, DORANG TU KESAH KE PASAL KAU?

yg kasihanny aku rse kat malays sini, they still stick to the same shoes :/ stick together jer.....
maybe they have been meet kat dalam pesbuk, cari sape dapat skolahship yg sama,.. course same.. sape sape sape.? sampai sana, "kita kawan eh? ape2 problem contact2 tau?"
padahal kita da ade peluang kawan dgn foreigner like african people. kenal orang ISLAM dari tempat lain weh! takpelah kita tak dapat ke sana, :'] aku bukan bursary, tapi Allah bagi peluang kenali mereka melalui sini. broader our ...... thinking about hows their life. camne islam kat sana. ive met, palestines name dia Dahlia. comel. Oman ramai. Somalia+GOMBAK pn ade weh! hahahahah Ikram :D , saudi arabia, Yaman, Pakistan, Nigeria.. name dia Hauwa... beautiful isnt it? ^_^

its fun to share something with Muslim comes from different background and climate.

malangnya, jika kita tak kikis peluang tu mendekati mereka.

Lets wear a new shoes. MOVE

sebenarny, banyak bende yg aku rse mengubah fikiran aku. sampaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aku ... aku.............................. tataunakcakappeda

taip mcm cepat2 sbb otak berfungsi lagi laju drpd tangan,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We're friends! because...

Friends, Kawan, Sahabat, Teman...
kalau kepada pembaca ye, anda dan rakan anda berkawan .. apakah tujuan atau .. kerana apa anda berkawan? maksud saya, do you feel the sweetness of friendship?
Pernah dengar tak orang cakap2 "Ukhwah Fillah" "Abadan Abada" ?
Maksudnya. Hubungan kerana Allah Taala. dan Selama-lamanya. kan?

Swit kan? kan kan kan?

bila kat fesbuk kan, Add Friend. and, as appreciation we post "thank you for the add" <-- ayat zaman mespes [myspace] hha.

Kini, bila Add Friend tu, ada orang post "ukhwah fillah". saya tak paham ketika itu. 

Pastu baru la saya paham.. oo Hubungan kerana Allah... hmmm ok. but then tak rasa apa2 tau. mcam, ok selama ni aku berkawan kerana Allah ape. :/

saya buta ketika itu. Finally, i realized. :D saya mencari selama ni, apa rasanya kemanisan sebuah persahabatan kerana Allah ni?! manis sgt ke?

i make a comparison. between 2 kinds of my friends.

1. Shes so good. . as she say "ukhwah fillah" its make me feels the different! become her friend :3 as example : Syahirah Razak, Siti Nur Haziqah, Nurul Jannah A.Rahman, Nurul Farhana A.Rahman, kak Su, Kak Tiqha, Salbiah, Amalina Jumiran, Rasyidah, Alina Norin, Fathin Munirah, Alya Syarafina,  dan banyak lagi even jumpe di alam maya je skalipun dan kenal tak sampai setahun. i called them Number 1 :3

2. A friend, who i donnow what her intention is :/ she makes me be patience and husnuzon with her Words. :/ i try to dont judge her wrong. and alhamdulillah i can get used to it. but, i dont feel the ukhwah between us. the bond since high school pulak tuu..


nombo 1.
ok. even kenal tak sampai setahun pun, da rase rapat sgt bila ukhwah itu terjalin kerana Allah Taala. dalam fesbuk je pulak tu. dan kawan saya seorang ni, yang since Form 2 kat Hillcrest until now i can  make up with her. saya tahu perangai dy, her darkness, degil dia, but my heart feels freely can accept her , theres no wall / obstacle/ hard reason or any problem that makes me FORCE to accept her! and i can always be with her if she needs me. freely. rasa seikhlas hati. seriusly. no doubt at all.

sampaikan rasa, bila kita typing tu kan, letak Smiley :D :] xD <--rase nk bg tau "Awak, saya tengah senyum ni! saya harap awak dpt tengok!tolong lah tengok!"  sumpah senyum gile sorang2 depan monitor cam hagham hahahaha manis o sebuah persahabatan kerana Allah Taala :D membuatkan kita utk terus berbaik2 kongsi info, back-up, sama2 bangun. sumpah syok!

i mean, kalau buat bende2 yang nampak simple, mesti kita .. like "urghhh so? :/" <-- style la kan? --'

bende2 ni akan,
terasa betul betul betul! 
kau ikhlas buat!

Ikhlas do! sayang! camtu a.. tu la kak syerry suke sebut "kak jah sayang..." hahahahhaha

first, mcm awkward. aha? finally, i knew its its,.. its miracle truth, deep from her heart. how pious she is! :3333 

nombo 2.
Kawan saya yg seorang ini, bukan la baru kenal. lame la jugak sikit. since saya masuk kusess.  time Form 5 tu baru rasa rapat sangat ngan dia. i did make friend with everybody in the school. i accept her. and bila da abes sekolah, saya terus jadi tak faham dengan dia. sebab, she keeps posting , i donnow to whom dia nak sampaikan. dengan #EhTerasake? nye. ==' pastu, saya da slow talk ngan dia. dia kata taktaktaktak bukan kepada saya, org lain. adelah...dan bila saya tanye, ape salah saya, dy kate takde pape. :/. in the same time, i ask her for apologize. i thought, it will make up our bond. but then, .. ntah la. saya tak tahu ape di belakang sy. ni sume salah movie "Jangan Pandang Belakang" ! hha
ni yang saya nak tulis, saya tak faham apa niat dia terhadap saya. SEBENARNYA, SELAMA NI KITA BERKAWAN kerana apa ye? awak, awak boleh berkawan rapat dengan kawan awak sana sebab ape ye?

pasal twitter. saya bukan kemaruk nak follower banyak gile. tapi, bila saya tegur awak. awak post "opss sori. aku tak follow kau :33" <-- lebih kurang la camni --' awak tak follow saya. dari bende2 kecik tu da boleh nampak. sampai bila saya nak terus husnuzon je dgn awak, tp bila tegur awak tak layan saya. u say it "dont judge me wrong" tak judge pn da nampak da. acanoi tu?

I hope you reading this. and may Allah show you the way. :'] dont wait for it, catch it, cause you can for the sake of Allah taala :]

saya pasti, ramai lagi kawan2 lain atau pembaca atau kawan2 kepada pembaca ada masalah dengan tali tu. tali persahabatan.

bila saya compare, baru saya sedar, bezanya 
"Saya bersahabat dengan dia kerana Allah Taala"
"Saya bersahabat dengan dia sebab dulu kitorang sekolah sama2"
"Saya suka berkawan dengan dia sebab dia kelakar! hahahhahaha"
"Saya bersahabat dengan dia sebab dia open-minded /dia boleh accept saya/ dia stylo! ada ciri2 tersendiri :333"

Sebab tu ke?!

rupanya, kadang kita menghadapi masalah dalam persahabatan bukan kerana perangai masing2 , tapi kerana persahabatan kita bukan berniatkan kerana Allah Taala :'[

kalau kerana Allah Taala weh, kita berdua mesti sama2 baiki usaha untuk berbaik-baik. dan ikhlas serta kasih sayang itu timbul.

"Tiada Rasa susah pada hati yang berkasih sayang" -TukangKebun Jalanan.

bila awak sayang , awak takkan rasa susah nak tolong dia, annoy dengan  permintaan dia tolong/ maaf dia :/

pesan ayah saya, kalau dah mintak maaf da la. kalau da tanye ape salah, tanak bg tau, sudah la. kamu, kenapa nak memperhambakan diri sgt2 sampai sanggup bazirkan masa dan duit semata2 nk jumpe dia. rilex je la. fesbuk ade..

takpe, kita tak tahu ape intention sahabat kita bersahabat dgn kita wlpn bond tu da terjalin lamanya, yang penting, dalam diri kita sendiri "saya berkawan dengan awak kerana Allah Taala" :D

Each words are deeply from my heart